Delivery Information


Every order you place with us or quote you accept from us is regarded by us as an offer by you to purchase goods and services under these conditions. The order won't be regarded as accepted until we've informed you in writing that it has been.

It is your obligation to let us know the grades, quantities, and other relevant details for the Products you want to order as well as the address you want us to deliver to. All orders are subject to any restrictions we may have imposed. Delivery of any Product and performance of any services will depend on availability at the area in question, for instance in regards to maximum or minimum delivery quantities or lead time required by us. Any order is not binding upon us, and it won't be regarded as accepted until we send you a formal confirmation.  We have the right to end any service or product and/or make changes.


As soon as it is practical, we will let you know the delivery date, which will not include public holidays or typical non-business days of the week. Dates of delivery are not certain. You will not be entitled to any type of compensation if we are late in making the delivery, unless we expressly agree with you in writing.


You, as a buyer, understand that by initiating a transaction, you enter into a legally binding and enforceable contract with the seller to purchase the products and/or services from the seller using the payment facility, and you shall pay the transaction price to the seller using the payment facility through your issuing bank.

We will not be responsible or bear any liability for any loss or damage accruing directly or indirectly to You as a result of using any of the payment methods provided on the Platform.

* Lack of authorization for any transaction/s

* Any payment issues arising out of the transaction/s

* Decline of transaction for any other reason/s

* 1-3 days from order placed.